Interdisciplinary researcher

Agriculture, Communities, and Natural Resources

I am a PhD candidate in the Geography Graduate Group at the University of California, Davis, working with Dr. Kate Scow in the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources.

I study the institutional and social mechanisms driving patterns of behavior among small-scale and subsistence farmers in East Africa that create conserved or degraded natural resource outcomes in complex agricultural landscapes. As a geographer I recognize and value a broad set of epistemological perspectives and seek to maintain fluency with a range of methods and strategies of inquiry. My current research includes studies in the political economy of irrigation and soil management, analysis of customary land governance institutions, and computational and modeling approaches for identifying patterns and drivers of resource-management decisions among communities in East Africa.

Prior to pursuing a PhD, I worked as an assistant to research in integrated food-energy systems and as project manager, editor, and contributing author for the California Nitrogen Assessment. I earned a MSc in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis in 2018.